Hiccups in Adults

Hiccups are referred to as the condition when spasm causes the diaphragm to contract. This later causes the intake of breath to stop unanticipatedly through the closure of the glottis which is also known as the vocal cords. Adults experience hiccups more seldom than babies do since the latter have undeveloped internal organs and immature digestive system.

Hiccups in adults may be due to a habit of fast eating and eating too much, drinking excessive alcohol, too much smoking, an abrupt shift in stomach temperature, extreme excitement and stress and possibly the swallowing of too much air. This condition usually lasts for few minutes or it could take up to few hours. It is essential to be reminded that if hiccups last for more than 2 days and causes you too much discomfort already, it is recommendable to consult a physician as this might be one of the symptoms of a more serious illness or condition.

Many of us would like to know how to prevent hiccups in adults. They are not regarded as a serious condition so there’s really no available treatment for it. However, it is helpful to drink a glass of cold water, taking in little amount of honey or sugar at least a teaspoon full, it may also relieve you by gargling with lukewarm water since this can effectively relax the diaphragm and greatly help in getting rid of spasms, it will also help a lot to breathe repeatedly through the use of a small paper bag for few minutes and it holding your breath for few seconds is efficient too. Moreover, it is advisable to drink chamomile tea as this has the ability to relax and ease the contractions in your diaphragm. As you can see, most of the remedies are simple and usually comprise of maximizing the carbon dioxide level in the blood.

In addition, if your hiccup condition is diagnosed as intractable or persistent, or those which last for a long time; then this may be treated by hypnosis, certain types of medication and acupuncture.  It is wise to see health experts about this to avoid further problems in the future and to ensure that nothing serious is going on. Hiccups may be experienced by most people, young or old.

Hiccups are usually not so serious and they are actually very easy to prevent and treat. You may try various approaches and you can freely pick the right approach you think more effective and reliable for your condition.

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